About Us

Being fans of Rockstar Games and avid mystery hunters in the community, we created RDR2 Mysteries for fellow hunters seeking information about RDR2 Mysteries and/or an outlet to share information, content, theories and/or opinions. We believe in being constructive and helping out by providing as much mystery content as possible, which makes the hunting process easier and more enjoyable. The information, content, views and/or opinions expressed by members of RDR2 Mysteries do not necessarily reflect the views of the owners of RDR2 Mysteries.

Site created and managed by Kahshe Productions


Hunters Unite

We want to make a one stop hub for hunters, and hope you will join us.

On the site you will find:

  • Forum: a place you can converse with other hunters and keep your theories available for others to contribute to. While we do have a Reddit forum as well, we find this interface allows you to dive deeper and add layers as you go, without getting buried.

  • Twitch Live Stream: Add your Twitch ID to the forum thread and we will add your stream to our Twitch wall, allowing other users to quickly find other hunters streaming.

  • User Gallery: Post your mystery photos or videos to store and have other hunters use for reference.

We're looking forward to bringing together the mystery hunter community for RDR2. Saddle up!